Analytics Consulting

We create real-time data pipelines, design purpose-built real-time dashboards that will cut the noise to guide you and your business true north, available on any device.

Pipe dream? No!

It's 2020, most of your technology is either SaaS or on the cloud and modern analytics tools are flexible. Similarly, we offer flexible, sprint-based analytics consulting services delivered as a service. Our technology stack offers over 500+ pre-built source and destination connectors.

If you are still doing manual processing of any kind of data, skip to the end of the page, fill out that form, we need to talk.

During our strategy calls, we will establish and recommend the best tools suited for your environment, identify clear sprint deliverables.

Data Consolidation (ETL/ELT)

Own your SaaS data by bringing onto your own platform. This ensures faster and accurate reporting.

Bringing data from disparate sources helps you unlock deeper insights you wouldn't notice otherwise.

Examples: You can get your true cost of sales by combining Marketing, Sales and financial data. Bringing ads, sales and RMA data together, can show you which of your channels brings your best customers i.e. who buy and don't return as much.

Our Repertoire to tools
Delivered in sprints

Time to value is of utmost importance to us. During our strategy sessions, we ask the right questions to understand your goals, current state of your data and the technology you have in place. Identify clear deliverables for each sprint and number of sprints needed to help you achieve your goals.

Or we can simply augment your in-house data team and provide extra fire-power for your current internal projects. All of this in a transparent, predictable and affordable package.

There is no commitment and you can cancel anytime! We start small maybe 1 sprint, deliver, you like working with us? we proceed to the next.

Custom Projects
Per Day
  • Strategy Consulting

  • Prototyping & Proof of Concepts

  • On-Demand Consulting

  • Dedicated Consultant

Per Fixed Scope Sprint
  • Custom Source Integration

  • Custom Destination Integration

  • Master Data strategy & Deployment

  • Machine Learning & AI

All prices are in USD, All Sprints are 2 Calendar Weeks. *contact us

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